A modern British smoke house restaurant in Victoria serving the best seasonal produce from around the UK


The Stoke House is a British smoke house restaurant in Victoria, specialising in locally sourced prime cuts from only the best Devon farmers. Provenance is key – we only select the finest cuts from the most delicious breeds. All our meat is cooked on site, using a great blend of woods to bring about the uniquely delicious flavours.


The dining room is bordered by a busy bar and carvery. Walk up and take a look at our wonderful cuts of meats, cheeses and charcuteries. Marvel at the wood fire smoker, sit down and make your selection with the server, or sit at the bar and enjoy our wonderful cocktails and home-made sausage rolls, pickles and snacks. We also offer take out boxes, and delivery around London.


Our salad wall offers weekly changing bowls of salads and sides. We source a huge selection of leaves, proteins and grains allowing for a healthy balanced meal when paired with the meats.


Our bar serves quality wines from the cask in affordable carafes, and carefully curated craft beer, alongside some zippy cocktails for the after work crew.

Where To Find Us